Guillem Duquette

Guillem Duquette


Guillem Duquette is a Spanish singer, songwriter, music producer and actor based in Stockholm.

In his music, he combines genres as diverse as pop, flamenco, electronic music, ambient, jazz and indie, in a mise-en-scène that itself blends video, choreography, music and fashion and in which he accompanies his voice (which is his main instrument) with an acoustic guitar, a piano and self-/co-produced beats.

Specific songs can also be performed on-demand.

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"xk no bajas un día de estos a mi habitación?" (latest EP):

Gracias a la Vida:


L'11º [The Complete Jelqing Edition]:

L'estaca (ft. Mariano Siccardi):

YouTube Channel:

Born To Die cover (Live recording; audio only):

Hope There's Someone cover (Live recording; audio only):

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